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Distinctions and Medieval Preaching




Organised by Marjorie BURGHART (CNRS – CIHAM UMR 5648, France)

and Lucie DOLEŽALOVÁ (Charles University, Prague)


Due to the current situation, we decided to reformat the conference initially planned in April 2020 and turn it into an online event. Each session of the conference will take place in the form of an online seminar, on each Monday of June 2020, between 4 and 6pm (Paris time).


Attendance is free and open to all, but we ask that you register by email with your name and institution (or the independent scholar label)


(we will then send you the connection details).



• Monday June 1st – 4-6 pm (Paris time) •


> Session “Defining the genre”


Distinctions in the Late Middle Ages: Exempla and the Habit of Distinguishing Kimberley Rivers (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh)


Le Liber distinctionum super Psalterium d’Eudes de Châteauroux. Un recueil de distinctiones ? Franco Morenzoni (U. of Geneva)


The genre of Master Mathias of Sweden’s (d. c. 1350) Alphabetum distinccionum: a combination of a concordance and distinctions Sanna M. Suponen (U. of Helsinki)



• Monday June 8th – 4-6 pm (Paris time) •


> Project presentation


Distinguo, a knowledge base for the study of distinctiones Marjorie Burghart (CNRS)


> Session “Conforming (or not) to prescriptions of the artes”


“Predicare est arborizare”. The mnemotechnic tradition of preaching thanks to tree structured distinctiones Naïs Virenque (U. of Tours and CEFRES USR 3138, Prague)


Tales autem fac distincciones. The role of distinctions (and the lack of it) in the treatise Aurissa of Iacobus de Saraponte Jan Odstrcilik (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)



• Monday June 15th – 4-6 pm (Paris time) •


> Session “Visualisations”


Visualizing distinctiones: a comparative view Ayelet Even-Ezra (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


« Multiplex est rota ». Distinctiones et images figurées chez Hugues de Saint-Cher Véronique Rouchon (Université Lyon 2)  



• Monday June 22nd – 4-6 pm (Paris time) •


> Session “Distinctiones and preaching”


Hispanic Distinctiones: three examples Oriol Catalán Casanova (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)


Preaching with Peter – Textual aids for preachers in Petrus Capuanus’s Alphabetum in artem sermocinandi Tuija Ainonen (Merton College/Bodleian Libraries, Oxford)



• Monday June 29th – 4-6 pm (Paris time) •


> Session “Distinctiones and other genres”


Dicta Chrysostomi and Distinctiones Ilya Dines (Library of Congress, Washington)


Distinctiones in the Castilian Crown through the miracles of Santo Domingo de Silos and the Virgin of Guadalupe during the 13th and 15th centuries Juan Manuel Carmona Peres (U. of Sevilla)


Les distinctions, un intermédiaire entre les encyclopédies et les sermons ? Sophie Delmas (CIHAM – Lyon)




date de l'événement

Online Conference

between 4 and 6pm (Paris time)
Lundi 1 Juin 2020 - Lundi 29 Juin 2020